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Hearing Aid Prices Under Pressure from Consumer Electronics

May 2 2016
The cost of hearing aids has long been a major issue for those with hearing loss, especially given the lack of coverage by most insurance companies. Hearing aid cost can be a significant deterrent for people who want to seek help for their hearing loss. As a result, the consumer electronics industry has become more involved in this.  We are seeing a variety of lower cost products such as PSAPs (Personal Sound Amplification Devices) frequently coming on the market.

Disability Advocate Honored for Hospital Protocol to Help Deaf and Those with Hearing Loss

Mar 22 2016

A hospital stay, with its unfamiliar settings, medical jargon and jarring diagnoses, can be a confusing experience. And it’s even more disconcerting for people who have trouble hearing.

A [Fredericksburg, VA] disability advocate reached out to area hospitals to create a protocol for people who are deaf and those with hearing loss. The accommodations Arva Priola suggested became part of a state law last year.