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Music, Sound Quality, and Hearing Aids

Jun 13 2016
For those with a hearing loss, enjoying music can sometimes be a challenge. For some, amplification is not enough, especially if sound quality is important to you. There are many factors that influence the perceived qualities of live versus recorded music. An interview with Brian Moore, Ph.D., and HLAA Board of Trustees member Richard Einhorn was recently published in The Hearing Review that talks about some of the finer details of sound quality.

Today Show Brings Attention to Teens and Hearing Loss

Jun 7 2016

A segment on the Today show points out the dangers teens face when listening to loud music through earbuds. The video and accompanying article references a study published in the journal Scientific Reports. According to the study of 170 students ages 11 to 17, 25% already experience some level of tinnitus, and students also showed a heightened sensitivity to loud sounds, caused by what they refer to as “risky listening habits,” the biggest culprit being listening to loud music either through headphones, loud parties, clubs and concerts.