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Ida Institute Announces Three Winning Ideas

Apr 11 2013

Launched in April 2012 by the Oticon Foundation and the non-profit Ida Institute, Ideas, Speak Up - Action and Awareness for Hearing Loss called for ideas with the potential to create public awareness of hearing loss, put hearing loss on the public agenda and encourage people to take action. More than 1,300 people worldwide contributed ideas aimed at meeting the campaign’s criteria for unique ideas that affect change locally and/or globally, are simple, thought-provoking and cost-effective and inspire people to action.

Senator Harkin’s Bills Expand Access to Captioning at the Movies and in the Air

Apr 1 2013

HLAA is thrilled to announce that Senator Tom Harkin, long time advocate for people with disabilities who was a sponsor of the Americans with Disabilities Act and is now chairman of Senate Committee Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) introduced two bills ensuring greater access to captioning at the movies and on airlines. According to the news release issued March 13 by the HELP Committee:

Vaccination Update from Johns Hopkins

Feb 26 2013

The Listening Center team at Johns Hopkins wants to provide you with important new information about pneumococcal vaccination and how to best reduce the risk of meningitis.