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Guest Bios

Abram Bailey, Au.D.

Abram Bailey is the current president of Hearing Tracker, Inc. He holds an Au.D. from Vanderbilt University and has five years of experience working as a clinical audiologist in New Zealand. Dr. Bailey has an interest in improving access to hearing healthcare, and is passionate about advancing clinical standards and patient outcomes in audiology. He recently introduced Hearing Tracker to the attendees of the HLAA Convention 2014 in Austin, Texas. 

Aimee Gross, M.S., CCC-A

Aimee Gross currently serves as the Clinical Education Manager with MED-EL Corporation in the U.S. Aimee received her Master of Science degree in Audiology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Clinically, she worked in both the adult and pediatric cochlear implant programs at UNC Hospitals. She has served in a variety of roles with MED-EL for more than 12 years and now shares her experience and expertise through clinical education.

Alan G. Cheng, M.D.

Alan G. Cheng, M.D.  is the Associate Professor of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery and, by courtesy, of Pediatrics. Dr. Cheng is a Surgeon-Scientist with a clinical interest in caring for patients with hearing loss and deafness and research interests in inner ear development and regeneration. The Cheng lab is currently working to understand how aminoglycosides (AGs) enter the inner ear and to redesign aminoglycosides to preclude entry into the inner ear. Dr. Cheng was recently awarded the New Faculty Physician Scientist Award by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM). Dr. Cheng’s lab is part of the Stanford Initiative to Cure Hearing Loss. Read more about Dr. Cheng.

Alison Freeman, Ph.D.

Dr. Freeman received her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and theatre arts from the University of California and doctorate from International University. She works half time at California State University at Northridge as a staff psychologist working with students with hearing loss, is an adjunct professor at Cal Lutheran and has a private practice.

Dr. Freeman was diagnosed with a moderate-severe hearing loss at age 3.

Allison Becker and Drew Wingert

Allison Becker, Director of Business Development
As the Director of Business Development at Audicus, Allison identifies strategic opportunities and launches marketing initiatives.

Drew Wingert, Director of Customer Experience
Drew Wingert leads the team that is responsible for making sure everyone receives top notch advice and support. 

Anna Gilmore Hall

Anna Gilmore Hall, RN, MS, CAE brings more than 20 years of experience managing nonprofit organizations, helping them achieve strategic and growth objectives. Her resume includes executive planning, administration, and communications and marketing experience in the nonprofit sector. She holds a master’s degree in leadership and organizational management from Capella University, a bachelor’s degree in university studies from the University of Maine, and a diploma in nursing from Eastern Maine Medical Center. She also earned a certification in association management from the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE). Prior to coming to HLAA in July 2013, Anna was the executive director of Practice Greenhealth.

Anthony Ricci, Ph.D.

Anthony Ricci, Ph.D. is the Edward C. and Amy H. Sewall Professor II in the School of Medicine and Professors of Otolaryngology (Head and Neck Surgery) and of Molecular and Cellular Physiology at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Dr. Ricci is a Basic Scientist with a focus on furthering the understanding of mechanotransduction and how sensory hair cells communicate with the central nervous system. The Ricci lab develops novel, non-ototoxic, aminoglycoside antibiotics while retaining effectiveness. His work also includes developing novel technologies and working with other researchers to provide technical insight. Dr. Ricci’s lab is part of the Stanford Initiative to Cure Hearing Loss. Read more about Dr. Ricci.

Bobbi Scheinin

Bobbi Scheinin has her doctorate of audiology and has worked with diagnostics, rehabilitation, hearing solutions, and newborn hearing screening for over 20 years. Dr. Scheinin is the Group Product Manager for Cochlear Americas and leads the Marketing department for Baha® and Vistafix product lines. Bobbi is married, has two beautiful daughters and resides in the Denver area.

Brad Dodson

Born and raised in South Africa, Brad Dodson came to the United States from Australia. He directed sales and marketing for a health services company focused in Long Term Care and joined ClearSounds in 2008. Brad brings a wealth of experience in developing new and existing markets. He is responsible for managing distribution along with the sales and marketing teams that make up ClearSounds’ Hearing Health Care, Advocacy and Commercial Groups. Brad also leads the product and strategy training team to deliver an extensive range of assistive device and Bluetooth technology training sessions across the country.

Brad Ingrao

Brad Ingrao has been using enabling technologies since the mid-1980s. As an early adopter of computer technology in audiology, Dr. Ingrao is recognized, and has served as a subject matter expert for several multinational hearing aid, audiology diagnostic equipment and hearing industry software companies.