HLAA Wants to Hear from You!

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HLAA Wants to Hear from You!

Tue, 05/31/2016

Have you tried to watch your local government’s meetings online, and found that they lacked captions? Or have you tried to watch a video online that was produced by a local or state government entity, but also found it had no captions? We know it happens. Recently, a state website included a video about voting procedures – without captions. Have you seen something similar? We want to hear from you about it!

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is developing proposed regulations covering access to the internet by individuals with disabilities. The rule will only apply to websites maintained by local and state governments (not commercial entities, nonprofit organizations, private schools, and other nongovernmental entities). 

HLAA is preparing comments on this proposed rule. Our comments will be backed with specific examples where individuals with hearing loss have lacked access to these web sites. Accommodations are needed for videos and streaming of live such as local public hearings and meetings (examples may include town or county councils, or boards of education); for online education programs, including classroom instruction by public schools, colleges, and universities; and for video instructions on performing governmental activities such as voter registration, service requests, or applying for employment. 

If you have been unable to access websites of local and state governments because of your hearing loss we want to hear your story. Contact Lise Hamlin at advocacy@hearingloss.org.