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Call to Action

We’re Issuing a Call to Action!

Step Up for People with Hearing Loss
Communication Access!

It’s the theme for the 2016 HLAA Walk4Hearing and it is a Call to Action, not just for our walkers, but for all 48 million people with hearing loss, their families and loved ones to step up and advocate for better communication access for themselves. Read the News Release for more details.

We are challenging you to take some simple steps in your everyday lives that will help you gain greater access to communication!
There are many ways people with hearing loss can improve their access to communication. You just need to know how and what to ask for. We have prepared a list of suggestions to help get you get started. We have also developed a Communication Tips Card that you can share with your family, friends, and co-workers to help others understand how to better communicate with you.

Taking a few simple steps can go a long way toward creating awareness, reducing the stigma of hearing loss, and ultimately improving your quality of life.

We want to SEE you in action! Post a photo of yourself taking action on Facebook or Twitter @Walk4Hearing using #CommAccess.

Don't have a Facebook or Twitter account but still want to share your photo, ideas and success stories? No worries, send them to with "Call to Action" in the subject line.

Step Up for People with Hearing Loss and Communication Access! TODAY!

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