November / December 2015

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November / December 2015

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Hearing Loss Doesn’t Have to be a Showstopper – Breaking the Stigma of Hearing Loss
By Shari Eberts
After 10 years of trying to hide her hearing loss, Shari tells us why she got a little bolder with each realization. Read the whole article.

No More Stigma – The Hearing Aid Effect
By Sarah Wegley
A research study provides evidence that the stigma associated with wearing hearing aids has diminished, if not completely disappeared.

Hearing Aid Use, Cognitive Function, and Proven Benefits
By King Chung
The relationship between hearing loss and cognitive function has been a hot topic in the hearing health care community recently. Dr. Chung explains the connection. Read the whole article.

HLAA Convention 2016
By Nancy Macklin
Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital city, will welcome attendees from across the globe for the 31st HLAA Convention and 2016 Congress of the International Federation of Hard of Hearing People (IFHOH). Early-bird registration is now open.

Mobile Device Apps for People with Hearing Loss: Expanding the Horizons of Hearing Access
By Larry Medwetsky
This is part two of Dr. Medwetsky’s article on exploring the world of smartphone apps for people with hearing loss. Read the whole article.

What You Can’t Hear, Can Hurt You
By S.R. Archer
The author interviews a clinical psychologist who works with people with hearing loss.

An Idea Whose Time Has Come
By Lise Hamlin
Medicare should include coverage for hearing aids and related services. Not only will that help millions living on a fixed income but it has the potential to change how private insurers will also cover the cost of hearing aids. The article includes a message from Stavros Basseas.

Thank You to Our 2015 Donors and Supporters
Poetry & Prose
Listen By Brady Dickens
Hearing Silence By Alyssa Blackmer

HLAA Accomplishes Its Work through Chapters
By Anna Gilmore Hall
Read the whole article.