HLAA Outraged by CDC Study Ignoring People with Hearing Loss

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HLAA Outraged by CDC Study Ignoring People with Hearing Loss

Fri, 08/07/2015

August 7, 2015

Anna Gilmore Hall
Executive Director
Hearing Loss Association of America
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Hearing Loss Association of America Outraged by
CDC Study Ignoring People with Hearing Loss

Bethesda, MD: According to a new study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one out of every five adults has a disability. The study, Prevalence of Disability and Disability Type Among Adults, US, 2013, examined vision loss, cognition, mobility, self-care and independent living, but failed to study hearing loss. The CDC ignored 48 million Americans with hearing loss. HLAA is taking action with the White House and the CDC to see that swift and meaningful steps are taken to correct this gross error.

In the CDC’s own words, “Understanding the prevalence of disability is important for public health programs to be able to address the needs of persons with disabilities.” Excluding people with hearing loss is not giving serious consideration to hearing loss as a disability that has an impact on a person’s quality of life, ability to work, and to fully participate in society.

Hearing Loss is a Major Public Health Issue, Third Most Common Behind Arthritis and Heart Disease

“People with hearing loss have been denied communication access in hospitals and doctors’ offices, and by public programs such as Medicare which does not currently cover the cost of hearing aids,” said Anna Gilmore Hall, executive director of HLAA. “The release of the report comes on the heels of celebrations surrounding the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and we are stunned they failed to understand the impact of excluding hearing loss as a disability that needs to be addressed.”

Read HLAA’s Letter to the White House.

About the Hearing Loss Association of America
Founded in 1979, the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) is the nation’s leading organization representing people with hearing loss. Its mission is to open the world of communication to people with hearing loss through information, education, support and advocacy. HLAA is working to eradicate the stigma associated with hearing loss and raise public awareness about the need for prevention, treatment, and regular hearing screenings throughout life. HLAA produces the Walk4Hearing in 21 cities across the country, publishes the bimonthly Hearing Loss Magazine, advocates for the rights of people with hearing loss, and has an extensive network of chapters and state organizations across the country. In June 2016, HLAA will host the World Congress of the International Federation of Hard of Hearing People (IFHOH) at its Convention 2016 in Washington, DC, June 23 – 26. The national headquarters is located at 7910 Woodmont Avenue, Suite 1200, Bethesda, MD 20814. To learn more about HLAA or to find the nearest chapter, call 301.657.2248 or visit www.hearingloss.org.