January / February - 2013

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January / February - 2013

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The Evolution of Zac La Fratta
By Zac La Fratta
What would motivate a young man with a hearing loss to leave his chosen profession to become an audiologist?

100 Portland
By Zac La Fratta
100 Portland is an initiative to attract 100 young adults, ages 18-35, with hearing loss to come to HLAA Convention 2013 in Portland, Oregon, this June.

A Rose by Any Other Name: PSAPs vs. Hearing Aids
By Brad Ingrao
Here is a close-up look at those little devices advertised on TV and in magazines.

Come with Us to Portland to Learn, Explore, Discover, and Have Fun
By Nancy Macklin
Join us in Portland, Oregon, June 27-30 for HLAA Convention 2013. Early-bird discounts go until January 31, 2013. Register now!

HLAA Holds National Training for Hearing Assistive Technology
By Lise Hamlin
With this train-the-trainer approach, more people can get reliable information about helpful technology. 

Walk4Hearing: Strength in Alliances
By Ronnie Adler

The Often-Neglected Neck Loop
By Stephen O. Frazier and Sally Schwartz
This incarnation of induction loop technology can turn a hearing aid or a cochlear implant into a versatile and sophisticated personal listening system.

Older People with Hearing Loss: Aural Rehabilitation Might be More Necessary than Ever
By Mark Ross
Simply giving a person who is elderly a hearing aid doesn’t always get to the heart of the matter of not hearing well.

Labors of Love
By Sally Edwards
Life doesn’t always go as planned, especially when a hearing loss interrupts the plans.

From the Executive Director’s Desk
By Brenda Battat
Equipment distribution programs. Read the whole article.