September / October - 2012

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September / October - 2012

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In This Issue . . .

Melissa Puleo Adams—Sixth Time’s a Charm
By Barbara Kelley
Spirit and tenacity describe Melissa. Read her story about rejection and how she never gave up her dream of becoming an NFL cheerleader.

Middle Ear Implants and Bone-Conduction Hearing Devices
By Brad Ingrao
Here’s an in-depth look at three alternative hearing systems.

Convention 2012 Wrap-up
By Nancy Macklin
Come take a look at photos from the biggest hearing-friendly event this year.

Improving Hearing Care—Make Your Voice Heard!
By Susan Clutterbuck
Results from the EARtrak survey reveal whether or not consumers’ opinions are heard by their hearing care providers.

Seen & Heard

Rewarding Great Ideas—The Benefits of the Walk4Hearing
By Ronnie Adler
Here are some great stories about how Walk4Hearing funds are put to good use in local communities.

NVRC: A Model Community Center Improving Communication, Changing Lives
By Scott J. Bally
The author reveals how NVRC is changing lives in the community.

HLAA Corporate Member Column
By Darla Franz, MED-EL

From the Executive Director’s Desk
By Brenda Battat
International Federation of Hard of Hearing People 9th World Congress. Read the whole article.

President’s Message
By Diana Bender