January / February - 2012

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January / February - 2012

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In This Issue . . .

Taking the Plunge – A Love Story
By Tom and Tina Hamblin
After meeting through a CART reporter, this couple took the plunge in more ways than one.

Getting it Right the First Time: Best Practices in Hearing Aid Fitting
By Brad Ingrao
This article focuses on the best practices for hearing assessment and hearing aid fitting developed and published by several professional audiology organizations.

What the Hearing Professionals Should Tell Us
By Gael Hannon
Here’s a practical look at information that would be helpful to those who have hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Consumers…Know Your Options
By Kathleen Mennillo
The author explains the bundling method of hearing aid pricing.

Hearing Loss and Dementia
By Michael Ann Bower
What can you as a person with hearing loss do to avoid the misdiagnosis of dementia when it is really your hearing loss that is the issue?

Mandy Harvey – Musically Inclined
By Barbara Kelley
An interview with a young jazz singer who takes refuge in the music and styles of the 1950s.

The Young Faces of Hearing Loss
By Bill Barkeley
Join the author on the Hear the World: Amplifying the Grand Canyon Expedition with and share the adventure with young people with hearing loss. Read the whole article.

This is a Test. This is Only a Test
By Lise Hamlin
The author explains the emergency alert system test that took place on November 9, 2011, and what it means to people with hearing loss.

This issue we feature two HLAA members: Sam Spitzer of New York and Anne Taylor of Georgia.

From the Executive Director’s Desk
By Brenda Battat
More Options for Consumers. Read the whole article.

HLAA Convention 2012 in Providence, Rhode Island
By Nancy Macklin
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