September / October - 2011

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September / October - 2011

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How My Hearing Loss Made Me a Super Hero
By Michael Eury
The authors invites you to become a superhero, too. Be proud of who you are. Seek guidance and resources to help you communicate and participate in life. Do not give up, no matter how insurmountable the odds may seem. Read the whole article.

Unbundling: A Way to Make Hearing Aids More Affordable?
By Stephanie Sjoblad and Barbara Winslow Warren
Learn about hearing care billing practices and the relationship between expert service and the success of hearing aid fitting. Read the whole article.

Decibels and Dollars: A Look at Hearing Aid Features Across Price Points
By Brad Ingrao
By looking at six hearing aid manufacturers, you will get an idea about what features you can expect at various price points.  Read the whole article.

Make Hearing Aids Affordable: Insurance Coverage in the Workplace
By Lise Hamlin
The author looks at ways to pay for hearing aids.

Listening Closely – A Journey to Bilateral Hearing
By Peter Yerkes
A look at Arlene Romoff’s new book. Read the whole article.

From the Executive Director’s Desk
By Brenda Battat
The Survey Results Are In: Here’s what you said about the cost of hearing aids.  Read the whole article