January / February - 2011

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January / February - 2011

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In This Issue . . .

Life Without Limits
By Bill Barkeley
Hearing loss was one hurdle, and then came vision loss. Learn what makes Bill Barkeley say “yes” to the future.

For Better or for Worse
By Mary Beth Barkeley
The author meant what she said when she uttered the words, “for better or for worse.”

The Future is Here: The 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010
By Lise Hamlin
Here is why this bill is important to people with hearing loss.

"Organic" Solutions
By Jennifer Stuessy
From high-tech to low-tech, the author gives us her suggestion for better communication.

How Were Your Holidays?
By Sam Trychin
Did you avoid holiday events because of your hearing loss? Read the whole article.

Get in the Hearing Loop
By Brenda Battat and Patricia Krikos
Get in the Hearing Loop is a joint project of the Hearing Loss Association of America and the America Academy of Audiology

It’s Good Business to Walk4Hearing
By Ronnie Adler and Rebecca Lander
Hear it from the company teams who stepped up for people with hearing loss.

Hiding My Hearing Aids? Not Anymore!
By Hayleigh Scott
Hayleigh is 11 and the only student in her class who is hard of hearing.

HLAA Trains Advocates in Iowa
By Patricia Tomczyszyn
In November 2010, the Hearing Loss Association of America conducted its 12th Hearing Assistive Technology (HAT) training at the University of Iowa in Iowa City.

Is Auditory Training Effective in Improving Listening Skills
By Mark Ross
Here’s how to take an active role in your own hearing and how to practice listening skills.

From the Executive Director’s Desk
By Brenda Battat
Hearing loss is a public health issue.