HLAA Joins FCC Panel on Wireless Communication

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HLAA Joins FCC Panel on Wireless Communication

Mar 17 2010

On May 13, 2010, HLAA Director of Public Policy Lise Hamlin joined a panel of disability advocates at the FCC workshop on “Expanding Disability Access with Wireless Technologies.” The workshop looked to better understand the challenges and opportunities offered by wireless technologies and how the FCC can help ensure that new technologies are as inclusive as possible.

The first panel of disability advocates focused on mobile communications access issues facing people with disabilities. They discussed barriers to current technology and what new technologies might overcome these barriers. They also looked at current regulatory barriers that might negatively affect emerging technology.

A second panel of technical experts explored technology trends. During that session the panel looked at how the FCC can encourage the development of technologically advanced accessible products, how they can stay informed about emerging technologies, how to share best practices, and what solutions might address the development expense of assistive and adaptive technologies.

There were also several technology demonstrations at the workshop. For more information visit "Workshop on Expanding Disability Access with Wireless Technologies."

FCC workshops and open meetings are typically broadcast live with captions and archived for future viewing