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Barbara Kelley

Editor-in-Chief of Hearing Loss Magazine and Deputy Executive Director of HLAA

Barbara Kelley is editor-in-chief of Hearing Loss Magazine and deputy executive director of HLAA. Hearing Loss Magazine is published by the Hearing Loss Association of America. She has served as publications director on the HLAA staff since 1988 and is the recipient of the American Society of Association Executives Gold Circle Award of Excellence in Publishing. She also received a recognition award from the American Library Association for her work on Hearing Loss Magazine.

She edited the book, An Invisible Condition: The Human Side of Hearing Loss by Howard E. “Rocky” Stone, and was managing editor of Our Forgotten Children: Hard of Hearing Pupils in the Schools by Julia M. Davis, Ph.D. She served as editor-writer on a series of Americans with Disabilities guidebooks for communication access in public facilities. Barbara hosts the video series "Learn About Hearing Loss" and wrote the script for the video "HLAA --- Teamwork for Hearing Loss Awareness."

Barbara Kelley is a graduate of Marietta College and received the 2012 Distinguished Alumna Award for her work with the Hearing Loss Association of America. 

A Message from Barbara Kelley

Hearing Loss Magazine was first published in 1980, eight months after the founding of SHHH in November 1979. Its first editor was Founder Rocky Stone. The organization known as Self Help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH), now called the Hearing Loss Association of America, has been building credibility for 35 years as the pre-eminent consumer organization for people with hearing loss. The magazine is the most well-known aspect of HLAA. 

Over the years, we have continually tried to improve it to give you the best quality content, to make it more readable, and to make it more attractive. The magazine is professional, credible, reliable and consistent with the mission of HLAA.

Most of all, we want to send the message through the pages of Hearing Loss Magazine that you are not alone with your hearing loss and you can do something about it. We will continue to work hard to always make your magazine the very best it can be. 

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Hearing Loss Magazine is a true reflection of our members. Like you, the magazine is ever evolving and changing. And, it is also a reflection of what you want to see and read. If it weren’t for you – the readers, the authors, the contributors -- there would be no magazine.

You’ve been with us for three decades and that means a lot. We couldn’t publish this magazine without your faithful readership, your constructive input, and valuable comments about how we’re doing and what we’re publishing. Keep reading and keep talking to us. Together, we create your magazine.

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Cindy Dyer

Graphic Design

Cindy Dyer, owner of Dyer Design, in Alexandria, Virginia, creates the graphic design portion of Hearing Loss Magazine. She works from her studio in the Washington, D.C., area creating graphic presentations for various companies and organizations. Coincidentally, Cindy also has a hearing loss so she brings her talent as well as her personal insight into designing Hearing Loss Magazine. She was honored for her work on Hearing Loss Magazine with the Hermes Creative Award.

She is also our photographer and we welcome HLAA members in the Washington, D.C., area to pose for photographs to be used in the magazine.  Her images have been recognized by Nikon nd have been used in the company's promotions. In addition to her recognizable Hearing Loss Magazine covers and images, she is known for her botanical macro photography. Her work can be seen here at A Garden Muse.

If you are interested in being one of Cindy’s photo subjects for possible publication in the magazine, contact the Editor-in-Chief Barbara Kelley.


Photography by Cindy Dyer