We Heard You Regarding the Hearing Aid Tax Credit

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We Heard You Regarding the Hearing Aid Tax Credit

Apr 21 2009

After we sent out the last issue of the HLAA e-News (April 7, 2009), we received a great response to our report on the Hearing Aid Tax Credit bill. If you don't all ready receive the HLAA e-News, then sign-up today! Many of you went directly to the website www.hearingaidtaxcredit.org to send your letters to your representatives. Others sent us your opinions and your questions about this legislation. Some of you found you couldn’t support the bill because it only covers dependent children and people 55 and over.

We agree. We want to see this bill cover all people who need hearing aids. We are working on expanding the age range, and hope to see a final version of the bill include working adults. We can’t promise it, but stay tuned. If it happens, you will be the first to know.

We were also asked whether we could support Medicare coverage of hearing aids. With the new administration's focus on reform of health care we will be pushing for inclusion of hearing aids and related services to be covered, including Medicare.

It will not be easy but the steps we are taking now with the tax credit bill, with some of the federal employees health benefit plans including hearing aids, more and more private insurers paying for hearing aids, and more laws being enacted in the states that provide for hearing aid insurance coverage will all push us closer to the day we see hearing aids more widely and affordably available to all.

Thanks for all your emails and letters in response. Keep them coming!

Brenda Battat
Executive Director