Wall Street Journal Article about HLAA Member

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Wall Street Journal Article about HLAA Member

Wed, 09/24/2014

“If you've gone to the best schools, and become a success in the eyes of the world, yet still feel a nagging void in your soul, there are valuable lessons to learn from Nancy M. Williams,” says Wall Street Journal author Ralph Gardner, Jr. He writes about HLAA Member Nancy Williams, a pianist with a hearing loss.

Throughout Nancy’s adult life, her hearing loss slowly worsened and she now has a bilateral, moderate hearing loss, sloping to severe in the high frequencies. She wears two hearing aids and is currently penning her memoir about her return to the piano after a 25-year hiatus.

The Wall Street Journal published “Relishing a Piano Peace” featuring HLAA Member Nancy Williams where she mentions her cover story in the September/October Hearing Loss Magazine.

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