Time for a hearing aid? Don’t Forget the telecoils!

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Time for a hearing aid? Don’t Forget the telecoils!

Sun, 05/15/2016

Consider the choices we make when we purchase consumer products. Most of us do research on what we want and need before we buy high cost items. We ask questions and expect to get answers. We all want the most we can get for the money we spend. A single modern digital hearing aid costs between $1,500 and $3,500. Most people need two. You will want to be sure what you buy has every option that will help you hear better in all situations. A hearing aid without a tiny internal component called a telecoil is like car without air conditioning. While you won’t use it all the time, you will be glad it’s there when you need it. Today’s hearing aids are worth their price, but it pays to do some homework before you buy.

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Author Julie Olson is a former president of the HLAA Board of Trustees, a long-time HLAA member, and belongs to the HLAA Fox Valley Chapter in Appleton, Wisconsin.