September / October - 2010

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September / October - 2010

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In This Issue . . .

The Early "Big Bang" – A Guide for Parents from a Parent
By Marcia Finisdore
A seasoned veteran of hearing loss provides resources and support.

"We Thought the Test Was Wrong"
By Lisa Yantiss
For Craig and Lisa Yantiss, having a fourth child would be routine, until they found out their newborn had a hearing loss.

About Maya: A Daughter Born with Hearing Loss
By Robyn Bittner
Robyn and Mike Bittner share their story and their one piece of important advice to other parents.

Moving from Grief to Warrior Mode
By Christina Marmor
What did Christina and Chuck Marmor do when their first-born son was diagnosed at birth with hearing loss?

Convention 2010 in Milwaukee...Inspiring!
By Nancy Macklin
Here is the Convention 2010 wrap-up with photos.

Cell Phones Age into Hearing Aid Compatibility
By Lise Hamlin
Which cell phones can you use with your hearing aid or cochlear implant?

Hearing Aid Features: A Closer Look
By Mark Ross
With the new generation of hearing aids, we see creative features being introduced. Here’s a look at the latest.

The Boy Who Did a Good Deed
By A.J. Traub
Young A.J. sets out to Walk4Hearing and becomes a reporter in the process.

Dealing with the Hand We Are Dealt
By Brenda Battat
From the Executive Director’s Desk

Message from the President
By Pete Fackler
Meet new Board of Trustees President Pete Fackler.