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Research Symposium

Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants:
Merging Technologies, Expanding Benefits

Friday, June 23, 9 a.m. – noon
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Hearing aids and cochlear implants are no longer separate, distinct and mutually exclusive technologies that serve disparate populations of people who are defined as either “hard of hearing” or “deaf.” Increasingly people are combining the benefits of both platforms to reach even higher levels of performance. Research suggests that combining hearing aids and cochlear implants can be synergistic, bringing people closer and closer to normal hearing. Technologies that combine these devices utilize improved sound processing strategies, new electrode configurations, sleek processor designs, Bluetooth, and telecoil to enhance usability and performance. These changes have expanded the candidate population and blurred the lines between hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Looking ahead, even greater numbers of people will wear devices that combine the two technologies. Among the greatest challenges will be improving awareness about the benefit derived from such technology mergers and ensuring that access to care is available for all who need it. Collaborations between consumers, hearing care professionals, researchers, insurers, manufacturers, and government can help bridge the enormous gap that currently exists between who can benefit and who has access to care.

Sponsored by:  American Cochlear Implant Alliance

American Cochlear Implant Alliance