November / December - 2009

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November / December - 2009

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Deanne Bray – A Hearing Loss Hero
By Barbara Kelley
Actress Deanne Bray debuts in the NBC series Heroes. She talks to us about her roles as Emma, wife, and mother to daughter Kyra. Read the whole article.

Going Bilateral with Cochlear Implants: A Personal Trip to Stereophonic Hearing
By Nan Johnson
The author moved without much hesitation from one cochlear implant to what she calls “stereophonic hearing.”

The Cochlear Implant Team
By Wendy Potts and Jamie C. Archer
The cochlear implant recipient joins a line-up of experts for best results.

Full Accessibility for People with Hearing Loss: Are We There Yet?
By Lise Hamlin
Almost 19 years after the passage of Americans with Disabilities Act, how do we score on communication access?

Hearing Aids + Dispenser…Should Equal Success
By Mark Ross
From the hearing test to fitting to follow-up, the dispenser is a key partner with you

A Better Way to Buy Hearing Aids? HearUSA to Administer AARP Hearing Care Program

By Cynthia Beyer
A team approach to make hearing aids more affordable.

From the Executive Director’s Desk
By Brenda Battat
Here’s to 30 years of making sure people who are hard of hearing are recognized and have the access they need. Read the whole article.