May / June 2016

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May / June 2016

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Some Things Never Change
By Barbara Kelley
Change is inevitable. Sometimes it’s for the good, sometimes it’s not so good. But we have hope and optimism – and that is something that never changes at HLAA. Read the whole article.

Carmen Iraida Franceschi: The Power of Perseverance
By Cindy Dyer
Learning English while dealing with progressive hearing loss didn’t stop Iraida from pursuing her dreams.

N-CHATT Wants You!
By Lise Hamlin
HLAA is once again offering our train-the-trainer program to help others learn about hearing assistive technology.

Otoacoustic Emissions Testing: A Critical Procedure for Detecting Early Hearing Loss
By Larry Medwetsky
An introduction to a specialized procedure that allows audiologists to detect a possible hearing loss in infants.

Frustrated? Let’s Cut to the Chase!
By Dusty Jessen
People with hearing loss are looking for more than improved hearing; they are looking for improved communication.

Let’s Talk About Hearing Loss
By Katherine Bouton
The more we talk about hearing loss the more we normalize it. It’s time we change the conversation. Read the whole article.

A Family Affair of International Proportions
By Nancy Macklin
Convention 2016 is a place where you will meet new friends, and over the course of four days you will learn, network, share meals, swap stories, laugh and before you know it, it will feel like you’ve known them a lifetime, like family. Read the whole article.

A Life: Rosemarie Kasper, 1937–2016
By Jay Levin
A disability didn’t deter this advocate for change.