March / April - 2009

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March / April - 2009

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Don’t Miss This! The HLAA Convention 2009 in Nashville
By Nancy Macklin
Join us for the time of your life all in communication accessible setting with friends, trade show exhibit workshops, and much more.

Working it Out: The Problems Inherent to High-Frequency Hearing Loss
By Mark Ross
“I can hear but I can’t understand” is a familiar complaint. Here’s why.

Learning a Second Language – Potentials and Diverse Possibilities
By Ellen A. Rhoades
Liam and Christian – two delightful children – show us how language is possible.

Why is Everyone So Mad? Getting a Grip on Hearing Loss
By Sam Trychin
Your pulse quickens, your blood pressure rises, then you carry the anger with you. A psychologist puts anger and hearing loss into perspective.

Step Up for People with Hearing Loss: HLAA Walk4Hearing
By Ronnie Adler
The 2008 Walk4Hearing proves to be a huge success with people all over the country creating awareness about hearing loss in their hometowns.

Web Captioned Telephone Has People Talking
By Anne Girard
As an HLAA Corporate Member, Hamilton CapTel explains how, when and why you would use Web captioned telephone.

National Update: Caption Quality
By Lise Hamlin
Learn about captioning and your right to communication access.

The Sweet Sight of Success
By Joan Kleinrock
A story about Judy Oliver and how she worked with her hometown to get what she needed to hear.

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