Manhattan Chapter Adds Venues with Loops to Their Website

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Manhattan Chapter Adds Venues with Loops to Their Website

Thu, 03/29/2012

HLAA’s Manhattan Chapter actively supports communication access in public places. Ellen Semel, chair of the chapter’s Hearing Loop Committee, helps lead the movement. In December 2011, she and Fred Palm of AssistiveAudio/Ampetronic presented looping technology information to the New York Chapter of the American Institute of Architects’ Procrastinators Day, which provides architects with opportunities to earn continuing education units.

“We presented to a diverse audience of more than 50 architects,” Ellen recounts. “Fred had a PowerPoint presentation depicting different loop designs suitable for different venues as well as an array of photos of looped venues around the world. I spoke as a person with hearing loss who enjoys the benefits of hearing loops, with the HLAA Manhattan Chapter logo on a screen behind me.”

Audio Looped Venues in New York City
The chapter has also added a page to its website about looping. Chapter Chair Anne Pope announced the move. “Thanks to the wonderful work of Toni Iacolucci of our chapter, we now have a looping NYC page on our website, including photos of two new looped venues – SAGE and Brotherhood. Hope you will take a peek.”

If you live in New York City or will be traveling there for a visit, be sure to check out the list of looped venues for your listening pleasure. Information about Looping NYC, including a list of looped venues can be found at