Make It Through the Holidays with a Hearing Loss

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Make It Through the Holidays with a Hearing Loss

Wed, 11/26/2014

The holidays are times to get together with family and friends. We have nearly six weeks of the holiday season and under the best circumstances the holidays can be tiresome. If you have a hearing loss, this could be when you want to withdraw because of too much noise, not enough understanding conversations, and in the end, too much stress to deal with it all.

We have two articles for you and a transcript from a moderated chat to offer insight, tips, and strategies to make this holiday season a little easier, even with a hearing loss.

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How Were Your Holidays?
By Sam Trychin, Ph.D.
Read this if you have the urge to stay home because of your hearing loss. Read the whole article.

Holiday Madness: Tips from Arlene
By Arlene Romoff
Here are communication tips to get you through the noise of the season. Read the whole article.

Surviving the Holidays with Hearing Loss
Guest Speaker: Sam Trychin, Ph.D.
This time of year from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve can be highly distressing for many people who have hearing loss and for those who are attempting to communicate with us. Read the transcript.