Lise Hamlin Named Co-Chair of FCC’s Rechartered Disability Advisory Committee

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Lise Hamlin Named Co-Chair of FCC’s Rechartered Disability Advisory Committee

Mar 14 2017

On January 5, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau announced the members selected for the second term of the Disability Advisory Committee (DAC). Lise Hamlin, HLAA director of public policy, will co-chair the DAC along with Sam Joehl, principal technical consultant for the SSB BART Group.

Purpose and Functions of the DAC
The DAC was established in December 2014 to make recommendations to the FCC on a wide array of disability matters within the jurisdiction of the FCC and to facilitate the participation of people with disabilities in proceedings before the Commission. The DAC is organized under, and operated in accordance with, the provisions of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA). The DAC’s first term expired on December 29, 2016. During its second term, the DAC will have subcommittees on emergency communications, relay/equipment distribution, technology transitions, and video programming.

March 2017 Meeting Agenda
The first meeting of the rechartered DAC will be held March 21, 2017. At that meeting, DAC members will discuss the roles and responsibilities of the Committee and its members; issues that the Committee will address; meeting schedules; issues to be assigned to each subcommittee; and any other topics relevant to the DAC’s work. In addition, initial subcommittee meetings may be held following the meeting of the full DAC. The meeting will be streamed live at

There will be time on the agenda at each DAC meeting reserved for comments and inquiries from the public. The public may comment or ask questions by sending an email to Comments and questions may be addressed during the public comment period.