July / August - 2011

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July / August - 2011

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In This Issue . . .

From Silence to Sound: My Quest to Hear Again
By Ulf Nagel, at told to Hershel M. Dyer
The world becomes a smaller place through social networking media. That is where we found Ulf Nagel, a Norwegian and HLAA member who shares his story.

From a Body Hearing Aid to a Cochlear Implant
By Mark Ross
In his farewell for Hearing Loss Magazine, Dr. Ross recounts his own journey with hearing loss. And, in the telling, he teaches us about hearing aids and assistive technology.

A Look Into the Mind and Heart of a Caring Physician
By Barbara Liss Chertok
We have seen the clinical side of many of our physician guest authors. Barbara Chertok interviews the surgeon who did both her cochlear implants. Read the whole article.

We Finish Only to Begin
By Pam Stemper
The author talks about a parenting journey she was not prepared for.

Jury Duty: Will You Serve?
By Lise Hamlin
You answered the survey questions asked in the May/June 2011 Hearing Loss Magazine. Here is what you told us.

HLAA is Working for You
HLAA staff spent a day on Capitol Hill advocating for the Hearing Aid Tax Credit legislation.

The Important Stuff
By Penny Allen
“Do something about your hearing loss, don’t dally.”

From the Executive Director’s Desk
By Brenda Battat
HLAA Encourages Transparency of Hearing Aid Pricing. Read the whole article.