July / August - 2008

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July / August - 2008

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In This Issue . . .

En Pointe with Alexa Vasiliadis
By Barbara Kelley
A look into the life of a young ballet dancer with hearing loss.

Can You Find Your Way Around a Website?
By Kathleen Galvan
A goal for the HLAA website is to be accessible to people with all types of disabilities. A member from Texas gives an overview on this important topic.

Our Own Brenda Battat Answers the Call to Serve as Executive Director of HLAA
By Barbara Liss Chertok
A candid talk about the vision for the organization.

The Future is Headed Our Way: A Less-Invasive Approach Eases Cochlear Implant Surgery
By Robert Labadie
A description of percutaneous cochlear implants and who can benefit.

Listening to Music Through a Cochlear Implant: Part II
By Mark Ross
Our popular author devises his personal training program for listening to music with his new cochlear implant.

The Eddie Sierra Story
By Andy Bopp
A student with hearing loss interns for Hearing Industries Association where everyone wins.