January / February 2014

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January / February 2014

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Career Success after Hearing Loss: Finding and Refining Your Path
By David Baldridge
The author shares ten common successful strategies among people with hearing loss. Read the whole article.

Congratulations, You Have an Interview! What Now?
By Mary Clark
Does the interviewing process have to be a nightmare? Not if you are prepared. Read the whole article.

The Workplace and the Law
By John Waldo
While the Americans with Disabilities Act has opened doors to communication access to people with hearing loss, the law doesn’t tell the employee or the boss what either must do in any specific situation.  Read the whole article.

Workplace Behavioral Responses to the Law
By David Baldridge
Be prepared to fully participate in the process of offering helpful suggestions to your employer. Read the whole article.

A Midwestern Grocery Store Extends a Helping Hand
By Suzanne Roath
Here’s a story of an employee/employer relationship that works. Read the whole article.

You’re NOT Fired! Technologies for Workplace Success
By Brad Ingrao
The author gives you advice on what to use on the job. Read the whole article.

HLAA Employment Toolkit
By Lise Hamlin
HLAA provides practical and helpful information for people in the workforce. Read the whole article.

Hiring Employees with Hearing Loss – What’s in it for Employers?
By Valerie Stafford-Mallis
Why should someone consider hiring someone with a hearing loss? Here are some really good reasons why. Read the whole article.

Hearing is Big Business
By Bettie Borton
The American Academy of Audiology president writes about untreated hearing loss in the workplace. Read the whole article.

Working Successfully with Hearing Loss
By Anna Gilmore Hall, HLAA executive director
Read the whole article.

Seen & Heard – Chelle George

HLAA Convention 2014 in Austin, Texas
By Nancy Macklin
Early-bird registration rates end January 31, 2014

HLAA States and Chapters
By Elizabeth LeBarron