January / February - 2009

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January / February - 2009

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Revisiting the Perennial Question: What is the “Best” Hearing Aid
By Mark Ross
You’ve asked and you’ve asked. Is there really a “best” hearing aid? Read the whole article.

The Hearing Healthcare Team
Learn who the important players are when it comes to your hearing.

Cutting the Phone Cord for the Hearing Loss Community
By Michael Snyder
Great news! Digital cordless telephones that comply with a new standard to reduce noise when used by people with T-Coil-equipped hearing aids or cochlear implants are now available in retail stores nationwide.

Successful Aging and Our Hearing
By John K. Niparko and Courtney Carver
Aging is now assuming a greater priority on the American health care agenda, and for good reason. Given our changing demographics, an agenda that promotes successful aging will be essential to our nation’s future.

"Nothing About Us, Without Us”: A Worldwide View of the Hearing Loss Community
By Marcia B. Dugan
A report of what is happening on the international scene.

Thirty Years of Working for You
By Lise Hamlin
Hearing Loss Association of America has worked at the national level for legislation and regulation that has positively impacted on people with hearing loss.

A Day in the Life
By Marilyn Devine
A poetic approach to hearing with a cochlear implant.

HLAA Corporate Member Guest Corner
By Andy Bopp
Hearing Industries Association