HLAA Welcomes Two New Members to the Board of Trustees

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HLAA Welcomes Two New Members to the Board of Trustees

Mon, 01/11/2016

HLAA is pleased to announce the addition of Mary Miskimen Clark and Sebastian Pawlowski to the Board of Trustees.

Mary Miskimen Clark has had a lifelong hearing loss and began wearing a hearing aid when she was five years old. One of her sisters, who also has a hearing loss, was the one who introduced her to HLAA (then SHHH) when she became a member in 1990. Mary has a degree in medical technology and she has worked in hospital labs and academic research labs, but most of her career was in the medical device industry. She retired in 2010 and moved from California to New Mexico. She has volunteered extensively for HLAA at the local, state and national levels. An experienced trainer and facilitator, Mary has given workshops related to hearing loss since 2000. Since her retirement, Mary has been teaching classes through the OSHER program under the University of New Mexico Continuing Education curriculum. Her courses on Living with Hearing Loss and Hearing Loss 102 (or I Have a Hearing Aid – Now What?), have been well received and continue to be popular with students. She has served as an officer at both the chapter and state level in California and in New Mexico at the chapter level. As a result of the leadership development classes offered through HLAA in California and Bethesda, she has become an advocate for chapter and state organizations.

Sebastian Pawlowski has been working for nearly 20 years in a myriad private sector and nonprofit industries and has focused extensively on digital technologies and building one-to-one relationships with communities his organizations served. Sebastian received his bachelor’s degree in political science from the Catholic University of America and his master’s degree in international affairs and a master of business administration in information technology and marketing from the American University in Washington, D.C. He has been teaching college and graduate-level courses in business administration, specializing in information systems, strategy and digital marketing since 2002. He, his wife Megan and four children reside in Virginia.

Sebastian’s daughter, Katherine, was the Walk4Hearing’s first National Ambassador in 2015. He and his family have been active with the Walk4Hearing and HLAA for several years. As a parent of a child with a hearing loss, Sebastian’s work is founded on his personal family experiences, having spent years trying to understand how to better the life of his eldest daughter as she continues to mature and find solutions to her changing needs. This is why using technology to enable productivity so hearing loss is never a limitation is of concern to him and his family, as it is to thousands of others.

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