HLAA Supports NPR Labs' Pilot Project in Radio Emergency Alerts

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HLAA Supports NPR Labs' Pilot Project in Radio Emergency Alerts

Fri, 11/01/2013

Do you live in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, or Texas, and have a hearing loss? Would you be interested in helping National Public Radio (NPR) test a new text emergency alerting system?

NPR has been working with HLAA to make text radio a reality for several years now. NPR now has a prototype for text messaging in an emergency and needs volunteers to test the system.

What NPR will demonstrate:
Receiving emergency alerts on a new radio-driven tablet device. NPR needs to test the device to find out if it works effectively, and will ask you to complete an occasional survey letting them know how well the demonstration is working for you.

What you need to be able to help:
In order to participate, you need to be close enough to one of the NPR stations that participate in this project, so that you will be able to get the test alerts. You can enter your street address at http://secure.nprlabs.org/alerting to find out if you are within the coverage area of one of the stations.

What NPR is asking from you:
Over the course of the next few months, NPR will be asking you to keep track of what alerts you receive, and send back some other information.

What’s in it for you?
In addition to helping test a landmark emergency communications system, designed to be available when other communications sources are not in service, you will get to keep the receiver and Android tablet after the project is over. The tablet is an entry level Android tablet and does not need to be connected to the radio receiver after the demonstration period is over.

Who is eligible to volunteer?
Anyone with hearing difficulty is able to volunteer. Not everyone who volunteers will be able to participate, because NPR needs to have a representative sample of volunteers that matches the overall national distribution of age, gender and other factors.

NPR will be in touch with those of you who would like to volunteer and complete the Application for Volunteers at http://nprlabs.org/dhs.

If you have more questions please contact NPR at alerting@npr.org.

Feel free to pass this message along. NPR will be reaching out to others in the Gulf States. If you know someone living in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, or Texas, they would be particularly interested in hearing from them.

Thanks for your help with this important new project!