HLAA Supports Access to the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Events

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HLAA Supports Access to the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Events

Wed, 02/11/2015

In August, 2014, a former member of the HLAA Board of Trustees attended events at the Pro Football Hall of Fame (HOF) in Canton, Ohio. She had requested CART in advance, but received no accommodations. When she returned home, she sent a letter asking that future events are communication accessible. She received a response two months later, from the president of HOF, David Baker, stating, “I will make sure that your concerns are known as we begin preparing for the 2015 Enshrinement.”

In December, HLAA reviewed the HOF website. Four months after the event, and three months after Mr. Baker’s letter, there was no mention of communication access on their website. At this writing, there is mention of accessibility on the ticketing page, but their website notes that it is “TBD.” HLAA wrote to Mr. Baker asking for specifics. Assuming they are now willing to provide accommodations for people with hearing loss, how will requests be filled? How will they reach out to the community about access?

We received a reply in January, 2015. They tell us that they have provided sign language interpreters on request and on the jumbotrons in the past. They are “considering closed captioning as an option” and they appreciate our suggestions about communicating to the public and will add information to the HOF website once tickets go on sale.

HLAA plans to monitor the HOF website. If you or someone you know is planning to attend and need accommodations, please let us know when you make a request, how they respond, and whether the requested accommodation provided effective communication for you. Please send comments to: advocacy@hearingloss.org .