HLAA Joins Consumer Groups Commenting on Captioning Quality

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HLAA Joins Consumer Groups Commenting on Captioning Quality

Wed, 12/10/2014

HLAA, TDI and other consumer groups filed comments with the FCC to provide input on how to measure caption quality. Captioning providers report that live programs are particularly difficult to caption correctly if, for example, more than one person speaks at a time, if people speak very quickly, or if the captioner is not given the proper spelling of the names in advance.  Consumers agree that all of that makes captioning difficult, which is why captioning in advance is preferable for providers and consumer alike whenever possible.  We also understand when the captions must be produced live, they will be mistakes made. We all agree on that.

However, we disagree with captioning providers that the way to check how accurate the captions are is to only look at those words actually captioned, ignoring the words that were missed. We believe that would present an overly rosy picture of live captions.

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