HLAA Files Comments with FCC on HAC Cell Phones

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HLAA Files Comments with FCC on HAC Cell Phones

Feb 17 2011

HLAA filed comments with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding their 2010 Review of Hearing Aid Compatibility Regulations. We based our comments largely on the results of a recent survey on hearing aid compatible (HAC) cell phones.

In January, 2011, HLAA invited people to take our HAC Cell Phone Survey. We were looking for information about the experiences of people with hearing loss when they are searching for, purchasing and using a hearing aid compatible (HAC) cell phone. Although the survey was only open for 11 days, we received a huge response: 728 people completed that survey.

We were surprised by the results of the survey. For quite a while we have not received many complaints or concerns from constituents, unlike a few years ago. Our assumption was that all was well with cell phone usage. The survey shows otherwise and this was reported to the FCC.

Thanks are due to Gallaudet RERC’s Linda Kozma-Spytek, who provided technical assistance with the survey development and data analysis.

Thanks are also due to all those people who took the time to take the survey. Your comments helped us keep the FCC informed.

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