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HLAA Capital One Card Lab Program Will Be
Discontinued – Effective June 17, 2014

Here is the notice from Capital One

Capital One® has decided to discontinue the Card Lab Connect Program, effective June 17, 2014. As a result, we will no longer issue new cards under the Program and will be taking down the Marketing Site and the Program Sites. We are giving you this advance notice so that you can cease marketing efforts as soon as possible to minimize creating a negative experience for your interested supporters. We are concerned that supporters who are interested in the product will be disappointed if they see marketing and apply for a card that is going to be changed within weeks.

We plan on converting the existing Accounts in the Program to Capital One branded rewards cards by the end of this year. These existing Accounts will continue to use their current cards until they are converted. Please be assured that we will be sending detailed information to the Program’s existing cardholders at least 45 days in advance of the conversion. Capital One will continue to provide the Organization Payments up until September 30, 2014.

We have attached some FAQs to assist you in answering the questions your cardholder supporters may have in relation to the termination of the Card Lab Connect Program.

Although the Card Lab Connect Program is ending and a portion of each purchase will no longer be directly sent to your organization, your cardholder supporters may still be able to donate their rewards to your organization. Once their account is converted, cardholders may redeem their rewards to contribute to your organization via The No Hassle Giving Site. To search for your non-profit organization (NPO) on our site, type the NPO name in the search engine. As long as your organization is 501(c)(3) certified by the IRS and recognized by GuideStar®, Capital One rewards cardholders will have the ability to find your charity, click Make a Donation and follow the prompts to continue the giving they enjoy. If your organization is not recognized by GuideStar®, please visit the GuideStar® website, where you will find FAQs, an online contact form, and a chat option.

FAQs for Existing Capital One Credit Cardholder Supporters of HLAA

Q - Why is the program ending?
A - Capital One has decided to discontinue the Card Lab Connect Program at this time.

Q - What will happen to my account?
A - Your account will remain open but you will be converted to a different Capital One rewards credit card product.

Q - Are the terms of my account going to change?
A - Your account terms will remain the same; however, the rewards program associated with your account will change. You will receive detailed information about your new rewards card at least 45 days before the conversion.

Q - Will I get a new card?
A - Yes, you will receive a new card with Capital One branding. HLAA’s logo will not be on this new card.

Q - When will this happen?
A - The program will be discontinued near the end of this year (2014).

Q - Will I continue to benefit my organization?
A - Although the Program is ending and a portion of each purchase will no longer be directly sent to HLAA, cardholder supporters may still be able to donate their rewards toward HLAA. Once your account is converted to a Capital One branded rewards card, you may redeem your rewards to contribute to HLAA via The No Hassle Giving site at www.capitalone.com/give.