HLAA attends Reception on the Hill for the Hearing Aid Tax Credit

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HLAA attends Reception on the Hill for the Hearing Aid Tax Credit

May 19 2009

HLAA Executive Director Brenda Battat, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (NY), Andy Bopp (HIA),
and Alex Graham (executive director/CEO, AG Bell) at Hearing on the Hill, May 13, 2009.

HLAA attended HIA’s biennial Hearing on the Hill reception May 13, 2009, in the U.S. House of Representatives Rayburn Office building. Representative Carolyn McCarthy, (NY), introducing sponsor of the bill in the House made brief remarks during the reception. Also offered were hearing screenings to members of Congress and staff. Hearing Industries Association (HIA) is the trade association that represents over 90 percent of hearing aid device manufacturing companies and their suppliers and supports the Hearing Aid Tax Credit bill, HR 1646.

At that event, HLAA learned that the Senate version of the bill was introduced by Senator Harkin on Monday. S. 1019 is different than the House bill:

  • All taxpayers are covered, regardless of age, are covered
  • There is no income cap (the House bill has a provision that people earning $200,000 or more would not be eligible for this tax credit)

S. 1019 is aligned with the House bill in that:

  • People who are claimed as dependants are also covered
  • The maximum allowed for the tax credit is $500 per hearing aid
  • The credit is available for an individual once every 5 years

HLAA is pleased that Senator Harkin has introduced a bill that covers all taxpayers and their dependants. We urge you to send letters to your senators alerting them to the introduction of this bill, and to Senator Harkin thanking him for moving forward to introduce the bill. You can quickly and easily send in a letter by visiting the website www.hearingaidtaxcredit.org