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Hearing Loss Magazine

Hearing Loss Magazine is published bimonthly and is delivered as part of membership in Hearing Loss Association of America.

Readers look to Hearing Loss Magazine to provide them with the latest information on products, services, research, and technology in the hearing health care field. They also look for personal stories of people with hearing loss to find encouragement, and give them the feeling that they are not alone in living with a hearing loss. They look for practical and useful information. Hearing Loss Magazine readers view this publication as a "lifeline" to help them help themselves and live well with hearing loss.

In addition, professional members of the hearing health care community are another valuable sector of our readership, and do not hesitate to comment on, add their expertise to, and use Hearing Loss Magazine as a valuable resource for information and patient referral.

Hearing Loss Magazine is available online in digital format. Current issues are available to HLAA Members by logging into the HLAA Online Portal.

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