Deanna Baker, RMR, FAPR

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Deanna Baker, RMR, FAPR

Deanna Baker graduated from the American Institute of Commerce, Bettendorf, Iowa, in 1981.   She reported as an official and freelance reporter in the Quad City area until 1983 when she moved to Seattle.  While in Washington state, she was an official for four years, owned her own freelance agency and worked with Larsen & Smith Court Reporters, as well as held offices within the Washington Shorthand Reporters Association, including President from 1992-1993.

In 1992 Deanna founded Captioning Northwest, Inc., which provided realtime and captioning services, working with large corporations and universities providing captioning services as well as realtime in the classroom.

In 1994 Deanna moved to Tucson and began providing CART services at the University of Arizona working with deaf and hard of hearing students, as well as continuing her freelance captioning work.

In January of 1996 to March 2007, Deanna provided captioning services for the Tucson City Council Meetings.

In addition Deanna captions national and international programming for a variety of news, sports, educational and corporate  programming across the country.

In 1999 Deanna was appointed to the Tucson Commission on Disability Issues.

In June of 2000 Deanna was elected to the Board of Trustees of Self Help for Hard of Hearing, Inc. (now Hearing Loss Association of America) and Secretary of the Board 2003-2004.  For 2001-2003, Deanna was chair of the NCRA Captioning Task Force and in 2004 was appointed to the NCRA Captioning Community of Interest and in 2005 was appointed Chair.  At the NCRA convention in 2005, Deanna was honored with being named a Fellow in the Academy of Professional Reporters.

Currently, Deanna is a freelance realtime captioner/consultant residing in Flagstaff, Arizona.