Convention Scholarships

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Convention Scholarships

Convention 2016 / Congress of the IFHOH
June 23 – 26

HLAA: Rocky and Ahme Stone Endowment Scholarship
We are pleased to offer several o HLAA members who have never attended a Convention before. Here’s the way it works:  you need only submit one application for the Rocky and Ahme Stone Endowment Scholarship (you may also nominate an HLAA member). At its March meeting, the Board of Trustees will select one recipient for this prestigious scholarship. Applications for those who are not selected will be used by HLAA staff in consideration for other scholarships. It is our goal to award a scholarship to all that apply – this is not a guarantee, however. 

Before completing the application form, please read:
Rocky and Ahme Stone Endowment Scholarship Criteria

Rocky and Ahme Stone Scholarship Application

Deadline for submission: February 19, 2016

Should you have any questions, please contact Nancy Macklin at 301.657.2248 Ext. 106 or send email to