Celebrating 35 Years of HLAA - Coffee with Alice Marie “Ahme” Stone

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Celebrating 35 Years of HLAA - Coffee with Alice Marie “Ahme” Stone

Sun, 11/16/2014

Photo of Stone and Kelley
Ahme Stone (left) with Barbara Kelley (right)

Coffee with Alice Marie “Ahme” Stone
By Barbara Kelley

HLM Nov/Dec 2014 coverThis November marks the founding of the Hearing Loss Association of America. In 1979, the respected organization we know today was founded by Howard E. “Rocky” Stone under the name of Self Help for Hard of Hearing People. A retired CIA operative with a hearing loss, Rocky realized there was nowhere for people to get help and reliable information for those who considered themselves “hard of hearing” and wanted to make the most of their residual hearing. So Rocky founded an organization for those who are “between two worlds,” as he often described, neither hearing nor deaf. Today HLAA is a leader in the field having made great strides for communication access, awareness, health care changes, and legislation to benefit people with hearing loss.

I had the great fortune of spending time with our founder’s wife, Ahme Stone, to interview her for an article about the early days of the organization as well as some of the dangerous and intriguing times living abroad.

Rocky said, “There would be no SHHH if it weren’t for Ahme, the ultimate positive person.”

Enjoy the story, “The Intrepid Alice Marie Stone,” in this month’s issue of Hearing Loss Magazine.

Happy 35th Anniversary HLAA!

Barbara Kelley is deputy executive director of the Hearing Loss Association of America and editor-in-chief of Hearing Loss Magazine.

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