Board of Trustees

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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees consists of up to 21 elected members (excluding ex officio members) with one-third elected annually. Board seats are filled by HLAA members who shall be elected by two-thirds of the members of the Board at any official meeting of the Board. At least two-thirds of the trustees shall be people with hearing loss. 

Ex officio members of the Board of Trustees include the executive director, one member of the founding family, the immediate past president (for one year), and others appointed by the Board. 

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the management and affairs of the organization. The chief responsibility of the Board and its management staff is to serve the best interests of the organization and hence, its membership. The Board serves as a guide to management staff to act in a prudent and ethical manner. 

There are five standing committees that are responsible for the regular operations for the organization: the Executive Committee, the Development Committee, the Nominating Committee, the Finance Committee and the Audit Committee. There are three select committees: the Strategic Planning Committee, the Membership Committee and the Rocky Stone Humanitarian Award Committee.

The Board shall endeavor to meet in the months of October or November (the fall meeting); the months of March or April (the spring meeting) and at the annual convention in June of each year or if there is no annual convention in June, immediately following the annual meeting of members. Annual Board meetings, with the exception of executive sessions, are open to members of the organization or any interested individuals. 

For further details, please see the HLAA Bylaws.