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HLAA Comments on PSAPs and Hearing Aids

Feb 5 2014

HLAA filed comments with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding their draft guidance entitled:

"Regulatory Requirements for Hearing Aid Devices and Personal Sound Amplification Products.''

This draft guidance is intended to clarify the distinction between hearing aids and personal sound amplification products (PSAPs), as well as the regulatory controls that apply to each. This draft guidance is not final nor is it in effect at this time.

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HLAA Awarded Commendation from New York City

Nov 6 2013

New York City Comptroller John Lui awarded the Hearing Loss Association of America a commendation plaque “for advocacy and its tireless work on behalf of those with hearing loss.” October is Disability Awareness month and to mark the occasion, New York City recognized organizations doing work across the disability arena. On October 30, HLAA Members Suzanne D’Amico, her daughter Anna Bella, and Toni Iacolucci accepted the commendation on behalf of HLAA. In addition to the New York City Walk4Hearing, the comptroller’s office recognized the work of HLAA across the country.

HLAA Supports CRPD

Nov 5 2013

HLAA provided the Chairman Bob Menendez, Ranking Member Bob Corker and members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee with our letter in support of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) in advance of the Senate hearing scheduled for November 5, at 2 pm.

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HLAA Supports NPR Labs' Pilot Project in Radio Emergency Alerts

Nov 1 2013

Do you live in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, or Texas, and have a hearing loss? Would you be interested in helping National Public Radio (NPR) test a new text emergency alerting system?

NPR has been working with HLAA to make text radio a reality for several years now. NPR now has a prototype for text messaging in an emergency and needs volunteers to test the system.

HLAA Supports Medicare Coverage for Hearing Aids

Oct 23 2013

The number one call for help that HLAA receives – via phone, email and in person – is financial assistance for the purchase of hearing aids. One son called for mom who is in her 80’s, who had two hearing aids until they both died at the same time. They were struggling to find a way to replace them. Most seniors who age into their hearing loss are simply floored when they learn that Medicare does not cover the cost of hearing aids.